About Me

I have practiced mindfulness for over four decades. My qualifications are academic and practical. This includes a Masters and Doctorate from Oxford University, and certifications in all my approaches. Scroll down for more.

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This website is very new, and photos will follow soon...

My mindful journey began with my beloved grandma. It is her pictures that illustrate my website (full gallery coming soon). She painted them all in her retirement, and well into her 80s and 90s. She inspires me to remember, “it is never too late to learn”.

My grandma was a gifted teacher, and I inherit from her my love of sharing in creative ways. I support people to move beyond problems, flourish and grow – and feel privileged and fulfilled to do so.

My meditation journey began over four decades ago (and has continued daily since). I was studying history at Bristol University (1980s) when I discovered mindfulness. Then, it was taught by Buddhists, and my so mindful path includes a Buddhist path. I also completed my Masters and Doctorate degrees at Oxford university, in Buddhist meditation texts (my book on the topic: here).

I am a qualified trainer and therapist in mindful approaches that you can read about: here.

Currently, I teach mindfulness at Cambridge University; first a large-scale research trial, and now a full program of classes across the university and for alumni.

My consultancy work includes private and public sectors, with extensive experience in education and health: here.

More photos to come!