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Journeys to the Deep

A Gentle Guide to Mindfulness Meditation
(MudPie Books, March 31st 2022)

“This is a book of real wisdom and grace; a travelling companion for the work that is done in silence, far below the surface of the mind.”

This book is a treasure trove, packed with inspiration, wisdom and guidance for meditators old and new. With gentle humour and insight, Elizabeth English dovetails lyrical prose and beautifully crafted poems. Her simple but profound message is: ‘Meditate as you can, not as you can’t.’

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How to Meditate Creatively: a series of 14 brief podcasts that introduce ways to meditate, based on Journeys to the Deep (above).

Fifteen minute meditations: lunchtime meditations at Cambridge University recorded live in lockdown, Easter term, 2020


Surprisingly mindful lessons from my cocker spaniel Cherub and her litter of puppies, as we follow them from birth through the first two months of their life, and send them off to their new homes:

Episode 1:  Creating a space (we prepare for the pups)
Episode 2: Under Pressure (Cherub deals mindfully with the stress)
Episode 3: An Easter Surprise (Cherub gives birth to gorgeous pups)
Episode 4: Time to rest (Cherub teaches us about down time)
Episode 5: Emerging personalities (As the pups grow, so do you)
Episode 6: Blossoming relationships (The pups discover each other)
Episode 7: Socialisation (How to build your resilience, like a pup)
Episode 8: Know your puppy, know yourself (For inner wisdom )
Episode 9: Letting go (Learn this fine art from the pups)

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