Poem & Song: ‘Come, Sleep’

‘Come Sleep’  is an exquisite 17th century poem, calling on the power of Sleep. The music is a heartfelt setting of the poem, in 20th century English song.



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Sleep or Rest? Sleep Support #4

Which is best, sleep or rest? Well, we need both. If you find sleep elusive, you can turn towards rest. Rest is the next best thing, and perhaps what you need right now. Quality rest leads to quality sleep.

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Tips for Re-setting your Sleep: Sleep Support #3

A good night’s sleep starts from the moment you wake up in the morning. From that time, your body is getting ready to sleep at night. Your ‘sleep-self’ spends its day preparing for its next night time appearance. Here, it is busy on two fronts.

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Making Space for Sleep: Sleep Support #2

You can support your sleep by thinking about it during the day. Connecting with your ‘sleep-self’ when you are awake, you are embedding the idea of a good night’s sleep. You add to positive conditions for a restful night ahead.

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Sleep Resources: Sleep Support #1

To entice better sleep, it helps to immerse yourself in sleep ideas and literature. Here is a list of books, podcasts and videos. To keep it simple, I will add to it gradually. Please check back from time to time, and feel free to Contact Me with your own ideas.

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My Love of Sleep

Fabulous sleep is one of my favourite topics. Twenty years ago, I suffered a bout of insomnia, so I know how distressing this is. It depletes and undermines every aspect of life. It leaves you anxious, drained and depressed. As a long-term mindfulness practitioner, I decided to tackle the problem mindfully. At first, nothing worked. But one night I had an idea which led me deliciously into sleep. Even better, I soon found I was able to sleep at will.

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More about Meditation

What is meditation? People describe it in different ways. For me, it is a practice of ‘being’. This balances out the hectic ‘doing’ which often consumes us. This means if you find it hard to meditate, it may be because you think you should be ‘doing’ something different…
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More about Focusing

Focusing reveals the different tugs and pulls at work within us. Asking the question, ‘What wants my attention right now?’ we open up a clear space within, and breathe fresh life into tangled issues and situations. As we do, we discover an inner wisdom trapped deep inside our thoughts and feelings… Read more

Mindful Communication (with NVC)

It was my 40th birthday when I found myself in a workshop learning Nonviolent Communication. I immediately knew this to be a profound pathway into my inner world, through the things I say and do. This was a life-changer, and a fitting 40th birthday present – if about three decades overdue. Read more