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Journeys to the Deep: Meditation

Mindfulness for Better Sleep

Courses and Events

Journeys to the Deep: Meditation Retreat (Scotland)

Mindfulness for Better Sleep (online)

Journeys to the Deep:
Meditation Retreat

For anyone wishing to explore meditation and their inner world. You may want to inspire or re-inspire your meditation, or to learn meditation from scratch. We take a relaxed approach, aiming to make meditation as enjoyable and enriching as possible. Using our creativity (writing, painting, nature), we make meditation uniquely our own.

Friday 23rd – Friday 30th June
Dhanakosa Centre, Balquhidder Glen, Scotland

Mindfulness for Better Sleep

Mindfulness has much to offer those who wish for more rest, and a better quality of sleep. A four-week course will cover the essentials of sleep hygiene. It introduces mindful practices that can help you towards healthy and refreshing sleep at night and more energy during the day. Following the course and its practices, I would hope you make significant progress in tackling problems, such as: feeling ‘tired but wired’ at night; struggling to get to sleep, or stay asleep; waking up feeling tired and drained; not waking up or getting up when you wish; feeling tired during the day.

Free Taster Sessions

These half-hour tasters sessions give you a taste of what to expect on a new course running this autumn. 
Sessions are at 7:00pm-7:30pm on all the following dates:

Wednesday 19th April
Sunday 23rd April

Wednesday 14th June
Sunday 18th June

Four Week Course

The full Mindfulness for Better Sleep course covers:

  • Your sleep journey: tuning into natural body rhythms, daytime practices to aid nighttime sleepiness
  • Getting to sleep: getting to bed ‘procrastination’, healthy pre-bed activities, more sleep practices, sleep cycles
  • Staying asleep: more sleep practices, awareness of dreams, and 8-hour ‘rest opportunity window’
  • Waking up fresh: un-alarmed wake up calls, preparing for fresh wakeful days

Wednesday evenings
starting 6th September

Sunday evenings
starting 10th September

Missed attendances: online courses

If you unexpectedly miss a session (and we know that ‘life happens’), no worries. You are able to reschedule free of charge. If you miss the week altogether, then you are invited to defer your attendance on the missed session to a future course. Simply write to Elizabeth and request a ‘missed session’ voucher for a future course. We will need to charge a small admin fee of £10 for missed sessions.

Cancellation Policy: online courses

If you change your mind within 7 days of booking, please let us know and we will refund your ticket price, less payment provider charges.

If you change your mind after 7 days of booking, we would be happy offer you an exchange. You can transfer to another course, paying only a £10 administration free to do so. Please get in touch with Elizabeth and let her know which course you would like to transfer onto, and to request an ‘exchange’ voucher. (If the dates for future courses are not yet available, feel free to get in touch, or wait for the dates to be advertised above.)

Please note: We are sorry we cannot offer refunds or exchanges if less than 3 days notice is given.

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