Mindful Approaches

I combine mindful approaches:

Nonviolent Communication
Recollective Awareness
Somatic Experiencing

Mindful Roots


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Mindful Roots [new block]
Secular mindfulness is a well-recognised approach to well-being. Every teacher brings their own approach. More on mine below, including Recollective Awareness (scroll down for more).

Secular mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism. But you do not need to be religious to practice it, although you can bring your own spirituality to mindfulness, if you wish.

Secular mindfulness took root from the 1980s and is now a flourishing tradition in its own right, with centres of excellence, research and practice across the world.

I am inspired by the particular strand of mindfulness known as Recollective Awareness as taught by meditation teacher, Jason Siff.
I find this highly applicable to busy people, able to encompass the world of thinking -&- overthinking, sleepiness -&- over-tiredness, and other modern day ailments – all with a fluidity and ease that encourages practice, and allows you to enjoy a rich and beneficial approach to mindfulness.

For more on Recollective Awareness, see here.

I have also followed a Buddhist path for many years, and describe myself as “gently Buddhist”. My Buddhist path is not part of my secular mindfulness teaching. It supports me in the background to continue to learn about myself and to follow, as best I can, the path of wisdom and compassion.

There are many sorts of mindfulness, and I encourage you to explore further if you wish to know more. Here are some useful links:

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