Better Sleep with Mindfulness

(Various length courses)

Better Sleep sessions cover all aspects of sleep. I introduce you to a unique combination of mindfulness practices which underpin healthy sleep at night and release more energy during the day. Drawing also on insights from modern research, I support you to keep track of your sleep patterns, and to make changes where necessary. Sessions enable you to re-discover your natural capacity for rest, empowering you to enjoy deep and refreshing sleep.

Highly effective for:

  • Feeling ‘tired but wired’ at night
  • Struggling to get to sleep, or stay asleep
  • Lack of enriching sleep and dreams
  • Tackling sleep disorders (held breathing, night terrors etc.)
  • Waking up feeling tired and drained
  • Not waking up or getting up when you wish

Increasing your ability to:

  • Overcome engrained sleep issues
  • Create helpful sleep-related habits and routines
  • Introduce daytime relaxations to aid sleep
  • Devise step-by-step do-able sleep plans
  • Reduce anxiety over poor sleep
  • Benefit from the therapeutic power of dreams, and the magical world of dreaming