Terms of Service

Payment and Refund Policy for Coaching Progammes

(Last updated April 24, 2024)

Payment is taken at the point of signing up for a coaching programme. As Elizabeth’s coaching programmes depend on a client’s personal engagement with the programme, it is necessary for her to observe a strict no refund policy. This is due to the high level of customer engagement encouraged within these programmes, alongside the exceptionally high standard of training and support supplied.

To give you the assurance you need that the programme will deliver what you wish, you are offered free phone or video calls before you enrol, so you can be sure you are best suited for the programme, before you make your decision.

You are also welcome to view testimonials, and to request further testimonials. You are also encouraged to discuss Elizabeth’s experience and credibility directly with her, before you sign up.

After this, all amounts paid or that may become due shall be non-refundable, non-returnable and not pro-rated. Should payment plans be agreed during the enrolment call, the outstanding balances will be automatically charged to the customer’s card in accordance with the terms discussed, settled and agreed during the phone or video call.

Terms of Service for organisations

1. Our contract: The proposal, or booking, and your acceptance of it (express or implied) will constitute a contract between me, Elizabeth English, and you, the client named in the proposal or booking.

2. Services: I will, subject to the following terms and conditions, provide the Services described in the proposal and booking confirmation (“the Services”).

3. Trainer / Mediator / Facilitator: I will either deliver the Services personally or appoint a suitable person to deliver the Services for you.  I may substitute the trainer / mediator / facilitator, if this becomes necessary through circumstances beyond my control.  I will take all reasonable professional care in selecting a suitable person to deliver the Services to you, but you agree that individual trainers etc. will have different presentation styles, and the content of a training may vary from one trainer to another within the agreed learning objectives.  Trainers etc. appointed by me to deliver the Services will be entitled to the benefit of these contract terms.

4. Fees: You agree to pay the fees for the Services specified in the proposal or booking, at the time specified.  If no other date for payment of fees is specified, my invoices are due for payment 30 days from completion of the training services.  I may exercise my statutory right to claim interest on invoices paid late.

5. Time for delivery: I will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver the Services on the date specified in the proposal or booking, or otherwise agreed with you, but I will not be liable to you in any way for any delay in delivering the Services which is due to circumstances beyond my control.  If I am unable to deliver the Services to you at all as a result of circumstances beyond my control, I may cancel our contract: in those circumstances, I will refund to you all fees paid, less an administrative charge of 10% of the fees to cover my initial costs in arranging the training.

6. Cancellation by you: If you wish to cancel the contracted Services, you agree to pay me:-
(a) 50% of the agreed fees, if you cancel the services more than seven days before the scheduled delivery date; but
(b) my full fees if you cancel less than seven days before the scheduled date
unless we agree a different cancellation fee at the time.

7. Postponement: If you wish to postpone the delivery of the Services, or vary the Services to be provided, please give me as much advance notice as possible.  I will do my best to accommodate your request, but –

  • if the postponed date is within a reasonable time after the originally scheduled date, I will be entitled to make a charge of up to 20% of the agreed fee to cover the disruption to my planned work schedule; or
  • if the postponed date is more than a reasonable time after the scheduled date, I will be entitled to treat the postponement as a cancellation by you.

8. Health and safety: The comfort and safety of delegates on training is an important concern to me.  If the Services are to be delivered on your premises or on premises arranged by you, you will be responsible for ensuring that all health and safety requirements are met in relation to those premises, and you agree to inform me in advance of any specific health and safety issues in relation to the training premises.  If the Services are to be provided on premises arranged by me, I will ascertain from the managers of those premises any specific health and safety requirements and I will inform the training delegates; however, I will not control those premises and so cannot accept responsibility for any failures of health and safety provision in relation to those premises.

9. Confidentiality: As a professional trainer, I will keep confidential any information relating to your employees or your business which I learn as a result of delivering the Services personally.  When I appoint a trainer to deliver the Services, I will make him/her aware of his/her obligations of confidentiality, but I will not be responsible for any unprofessional breach of confidentiality by any appointed trainer.

10. Intellectual property rights: All copyright and other intellectual property rights in any notes, diagrams or other material prepared for the purpose of delivery training services to you belongs to me, and such material cannot be reproduced without my consent.

11. Professional care and liability: I will deliver or arrange delivery of the Services to you with all reasonable and professional skill and care.  However, my liability to you for any breach of contract or negligence (other than for death or personal injury which results from my negligence) will be limited as follows:

(a) I will not be liable to you at all for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense (including but not restricted to disruption to your business) which you suffer or incur in any way; and

(b) any liability which I may have to you for breach of contract or negligence on my part will be limited to the sum of £5,000.

12. Indemnity against delegate claims: Feedback about the personal and professional development training I deliver is that it is highly beneficial, and I have never had any suggestions or claims to the contrary. However, it is possible that an individual could misinterpret or misuse their training or claim it as a cause of adverse effects.  As you will select the delegates to attend the training provided in the Services, you agree to indemnify me against any claim by any delegate or his/her family in respect of any adverse personal consequences or effects resulting from (or allegedly resulting from) their attending the training.

13. Value added tax: All fees quoted by me are exclusive of VAT, which will be added to my fees, when and where appropriate.

14. Contract law: Our contract will be subject to English law.