Mindfulness for Confidence and Self-Compassion

4-week course

Mindfulness calms the heart, as much as the mind. This course charts a pathway to positive emotions, building trusted inner resources which lay the bedrock for happiness and enjoyment. You discover their own best routes to compassion for self and others, growing in friendliness and empathy. Lasting confidence comes from that.

Reading is optional, yet recommended: Course Reading.

Highly effective for:

  • Scattered focus, low energy and loss of motivation
  • Issues that prevent you performing at your best
  • Crises in confidence and self-worth
  • Emotional ‘interference’ as you work or play
  • Debilitating procrastination, lack of energy
  • Nerves, anxiety, over-thinking and fear
  • Lack of presence, self-belief or ‘shine’

Increasing your ability to:

  • Radiate calm assurance, presence and joy
  • Practise grounding and centring when suffering nerves
  • Transform unhelpful behaviours and attitudes
  • Grow your character through blocks and barriers
  • Handle complex difficulties and people problems
  • Recover lost confidence and deepen your self-belief
  • Respond with sensitivity and emotional intelligence