Mindfulness for Grounding & Resilience

4-week course


Mindfulness practice calms and refreshes you through the day. On this course, you learn or refresh different ways to approach mindfulness, covering a range of different exercises to suit individual temperaments. You track your nervous system responses to stressful situations and become skilled in self-regulation, increasingly able to access refreshed and energised states of body and mind. This builds resilience, and helps you to stay calm and grounded, even under pressure.

Reading is optional, yet recommended: Course Reading.

Highly effective for:

  • Excess anxiety, sensitivity, stress and strain
  • Panic attacks or overwhelm
  • Depression, low self worth and esteem
  • Ongoing or niggling poor health or low immunity
  • Difficulties stopping, or relaxing (feeling ’too busy’)
  • Stress-related physical and emotional symptoms
  • Low happiness and sociability

Increasing your ability to:

  • Feel calm, ease and enjoyment
  • Stay centred and grounded under pressure
  • Practise trustworthy strategies for reducing anxiety & panic
  • Increase physical and emotional resilience in times of stress,
  • Recover stability, spaciousness and strength of spirit
  • Glide serenely through hectic moments
  • Value and appreciate your extraordinary human qualities