Girton College Students

You can drop in to sessions this term EVERY MONDAY at 6:00pm-7.15pm (week 1- week 6).

For useful reminders and added resources, please book via your Girton College Booking Page or contact Deji (do379).

  • 22nd Jan Calm & Confident: Help your natural qualities shine with mindful meditation;
  • 29th Jan Energy & Focus: Get motivated and enjoy study (plus eating well);
  • 5th Feb Wise Choices: Mindful approaches to procrastination, enjoying life guilt-free;
  • 12th Feb Think Clearly and Happily: Clear your head of unwanted clutter;
  • 19th Feb Mindful Relationships: Make friends, stay friends, and discover love!
  • 26th Feb Better Sleep: Find deep and refreshing rest, and learn to power nap.

More resources for you on the previous Mindfulness page, including:

I look forward to meeting you on course!