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Margaret English

The images are all taken from paintings by my grandmother, Margaret English (1910-2008), who took a fine art degree when she was in her 70s. She graduated (after major heart surgery) when she was 82 years old. I feel privileged to use her artwork, as well as to draw inspiration from her outstanding personality and extraordinary creativity.

Below are the paintings I have used here, taking crops and slices in a cavalier fashion that I hope my Grandma would understand. Although nearly all the pictures below are from her abstract collection, she had an large range of styles. She was prolific, and continued to paint well into her 90s.

Please note: The colours are all more vivid in the originals, while the canvas sizes are all fairly large (the smallest here is 60cmx40cm).

‘Sunburst’ – painted for me
‘Track’ – one of my Grandpa’s favourites
Because of the music in our house…