Poem & Song: ‘Come, Sleep’

‘Come Sleep’  is an exquisite 17th century poem, calling on the power of Sleep. The music is a heartfelt setting of the poem, in 20th century English song.



Come, Sleep, and with thy sweet deceiving

Lock me in delight awhile;

Let some pleasing dream beguile

All my fancies, that from thence

I may feel an influence,

All my powers of care bereaving.

Tho’ but a shadow, but a sliding,

Let me know some little joy.

We, that suffer long annoy,

Are contented with a thought

Thro’ an idle fancy wrought:

O let my joys have some abiding.


by John Fletcher (1579-1625)

And a song…

A beautiful setting of the poem by 20th English composer, Ivor Gurney  (1890-1937), sung by mezzo soprano, Sarah Connelly: Here


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